Charlie Rangel: I Deserve My Subsidy

Another reason to get term limits so we can get away from the notion of professional politicians for life.
Check it out:

“Average Premiums for Young Women to Increase 193%.” So the regime’s relentless War on Women continues. From the article, “Overall, states averaged a 193% increase in premiums for 30-year-old female nonsmokers.” But, on the bright side, women now get free birth control pills, which, what, cost $12 a month? Average premiums for young women age 30 to increase 193%. Again, from the article, “For our hypothetical female subject, any salary above $36,052, or about 314 percent of [the federal poverty line] FPL, would preclude her from receiving premium subsidies.”

Now, I will guarantee you that any person, male, female, earning 36 grand probably thought they were gonna get a subsidy. This story says that women earning any salary above 36 will not receive subsidies for their premiums. “It is at this level that our subject must pay the full amount for a bronze level insurance plan. Without any premium subsidies, our subject is expected to pay $236.58 per month for her coverage.”

So nobody, folks, nobody, male or female, making over $36,000 will be eligible for any subsidies, unless you’re a congressman or a staffer, and they get theirs. They still get their subsidies. In fact, grab somebody number five, Charlie Rangel. This is Wednesday in Washington on Capitol Hill. He was interviewed by the Cybercast News Service. The question: “Earlier today, Congressman Barton on C-SPAN, who, like most members of Congress, makes $174,000, said that he gets a $10,800 taxpayer subsidy for his insurance, which most people who make his money would not ordinarily get in the private sector.



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