Carney: We Didn’t Do More Testing Because Single Mothers with Breast Cancer are Waiting for Health Insurance

Total incompetence on how anything works.
Check it out:

Carney asked why they didn’t do more testing. They got all these different contractors, and they all say, “Hey, we did our part. My part was working fine,” and somebody said, “Yeah, but we didn’t do any interdepartmental testing. There was no beta testing to see if all these systems worked with each other. That’s the latest attempt to explain this away. So Carney is asked, “Why didn’t you do any of that?”

CARNEY: What the president believes is that the website should have been better functioning on October 1st. What you’re asking me and what, again, these questions stem from the general direction of people who wanted to either eliminate Obamacare or delay it so that they could eliminate it later, gets to the other heart of the matter, which is, how much longer do you ask Americans with preexisting conditions to go without health insurance? How much longer do you ask the single mom with breast cancer, how much longer do you ask her to go without health insurance, to go without coverage? And the answer is, you know, the time is now.

RUSH: Okay, so what he said was, A, Limbaugh Theorem. “Well, the president believes the website shoulda been up and running.” Duh. Yeah, he was in California when he found out. (imitating Obama) “Why isn’t it running? Huh? I thought it’d be up and running now. I want that thing running. Who’s in charge here? Who’s responsible? Why isn’t it running?” Unbelievable. And then Carney says, “We didn’t test it. We didn’t take time to make sure because there are women with breast cancer out there, and they need health insurance.” Jay, they can’t get it. Doesn’t matter. They need hope, and the government website is hope.

Folks, we’re really, really dealing with a level of incompetence that I don’t think anybody associates with Obama and this administration. Maybe they’re ideologues, maybe their political, statists, socialists. I mean the drill on Obama was brilliant, smart, smarter than anybody ever, I mean, unifier, all this. Incompetent never, ever crosses anybody’s mind. I’m telling you, in addition to the ideological direction, in addition to the chip on his shoulder and the victim and the not liking the country and all that kind of thing, we also are dealing with patent incompetence, from Sebelius to Carney.



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