There is still a lot we don’t know. But when you look at more of the details you have to wonder if the capitol police had enough reason to shoot her. Taking a life should be the last resort. And we have to wonder if reason could have been shown by someone. Obviously her reactions were not justified, but wouldn’t a nonlethal reaction have been more appropriate? Most of these questions will sadly never be answered. What do you think? Should the capitol police have shown restraint?
Check it out:

Panic in DC after female driver with a child rammed barricades outside the White House before fleeing to the Capitol, crashing into a police car and being shot dead

  • Capitol Hill was placed in lockdown after gunshots fired in downtown DC on Thursday
  • A child, aged around 2 years, was in the black car with the female suspect, Miriam Carey, 34, who was shot and killed by police officers
  • Carey, from Connecticut, ‘did not fire any shots’
  • No link to terrorism and believed to be an isolated incident, police said

You can see where someone might be a little freaked out with all these guns drawn on her:

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Alex Jones, known for his conspiracy theories, does make some interesting points:

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