Why Can’t Republicans Focus on Obama?

They seem to let liberals control the topics of discussion.
Check it out:

Why don’t you do six weeks of anti-Obama news and then take a poll of him and see what you can do, instead of five years of fawning hero worship and even with five years of hero worshiper, five years of fawning, five years of being practically Obama groupies? In Obama’s Gallup daily approval poll after the deal was reached, Obama dropped a point. He has forty-two percent approval rating in Gallup, their daily tracking poll, October 14th through the 16th.

So it would include yesterday when the magic of the deal was done, and Obama’s approval dropped a point, and they want to tell us what Ted Cruz’s numbers did after they and everybody else in the media beat Ted Cruz up for six weeks or longer, and then take a poll and think you’ve made news with it. This is news. You build up Obama, you fawn over Obama, you’re a groupie over Obama, and you can’t get him up a point instead of down a point, at 42% approval.

What are mainstream media polls but echo chambers? You go out, you do six weeks of trashing Ted Cruz, and then you take a poll, and the poll says 27% like Cruz, the rest think he’s an absolute, totally lunatic, insane. Then you publish the poll, oh, no, my God, Cruz is destroying the Republican Party. No, he’s not. You guys are sittings around let the media do that for you. So obvious to those of you out here.



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