Bullying Charges Filed Against Texas High School Football Team For Winning 91-0

Liberals really need to keep out of sports as well as politics. This is just ridiculous.
Check it out:

Each week there are football blowouts across the nation. Rarely are they more one-sided than the 91-0 rout Aledo High (Aledo, Tex.) put on Western Hills High (Fort Worth, Tex.). Now, one parent has apparently been so concerned by the final scoreline that they took the extraordinary step of filing an official bullying report with the school district because of the thrashing.

As reported by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and other Dallas-area outlets, the official bullying report was filed by a Western Hills parent on Saturday, hours after the final whistle ended the most one-sided game so far this year in the Lone Star state. Texas regulations require Aledo’s principal to launch a full investigation into the bullying allegation.

The administration is then to produce a written report addressing the bullying complaint.



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