Big Labor Set to Win ObamaCare Delay

Obama’s liberal friends get taken care of again!
Check it out:

As Senate leaders hammer out a deal to end the partial government shutdown and lift the nation’s debt ceiling, sources on Capitol Hill tell Breitbart News that labor unions are poised to win a significant delay in an ObamaCare tax. The delay in the tax, which has long been a goal of Big Labor, is expected to be part of a spending agreement brokered by Sens. Reid and McConnell.

At issue is a “reinsurance” tax levied against all group health plans. The funds raised would be used to compensate insurance companies for providing coverage to extremely sick individuals. Labor unions have made eliminating the tax a top priority, arguing that it would drive up the cost of health insurance for union members. At the recently concluded AFL-CIO annual meeting last month, union members passed a resolution calling for a repeal of the tax. The outlines of the emerging Senate spending deal will delay imposition of the tax for one year.

When House Republicans passed their government spending bill, with a one-year delay in ObamaCare’s individual mandate, President Obama countered that the health care program was the “settled” law of the land. Which, apparently, is true unless one has a PAC that showers millions of dollars in campaign contributions on lawmakers.



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