Biden apologizes for ObamaCare rollout

Oops. Somebody let Joe out and forgot to keep him muzzled.
Check it out:

Vice President Joe Biden apologized Wednesday for the botched rollout of, calling the technical issues plaguing the website “inexcusable.”

“We apologize for that,” Biden said during an interview with HLN.

The vice president said President Obama “tried to get online” to check out the website glitches, but said he personally had not because “it was clear that I wasn’t getting online.”

He also depicted the president as diligent in the weeks leading up to the debut of the website.

“We were under the impression that it was ready to go,” Biden said.

We had the president to his credit almost seven weeks out asking, was it ready, and we were told by the pros we were all ready to go — all online.”

The vice president conceded that neither he nor Obama “are technology geeks,” and said they “assumed that it was up and ready to run.”



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