Barack Obama’s Stone-Cold Lies

Lots of lies from Obama.
Check it out:

Folks, it’s time for some hard truths here. Barack Obama and his minions are recklessly manipulating and deceiving the entire private health insurance industry. What has happened and what is happening to the best health care system ever developed in the history of man is more than a shame. It is simply outrageous. And it is being done purposefully and with a level of deceit that is apparent to anybody who wants to be open enough with themselves to admit it and to see it.

It appears now that multiple officials who work for the president have misled millions of insured and uninsured Americans about a product that Americans have been coerced by law to buy or face a financial penalty. They have been lied to about it. They have been misled. Millions of people who were insured and uninsured, who are now, by law, required to buy a product, have been lied to and misled about the purchase and the cost and the availability and the level of service to be associated with that product. It is a major and intricate web of deceit that has been woven here, all for the advancement, not of the health care system, not for the advancement of overall health care in America, but rather for the advancement of the Democrat Party and President Obama’s legacy. And multiple people who work for the president are complicit in this.



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