What Does Barack Obama Know About Droughts and Crop Failures?

Liberals need to stay out of our lives.
Check it out:

This guy from LA, the LA Times, who has this piece about me: “Sure, political entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have built very lucrative careers by bashing government day in and day out.

“But, in their pampered lives, they have never had to see crops wither in a drought or farmland swamped by a flood or a herd of cattle perish in a snowstorm.” A, I have seen droughts. Many of them. I grew up in the Midwest! Does Obama know anything about crop failure? What does Obama know about anything? Look at the assumption here. This guy’s headline: “Shutdown Has Proved One Thing: Government is Vital to Us All.” It has no such thing proved that, “Government is Vital to Us All.”

I don’t know that Obama knows anything about crop failure, floods, or herds of cattle perishing in a snowstorm. I just look at these assumptions these people make. “Obama, the Democrats, oh, they’re Mr. and Mrs. Sensitive! Oh, they know everything. They’re aware of everything, and because of that, they know how important government is.” I’ve lived during droughts. I’ve lived during crop failure.

I grew up in Southeast Missouri.

Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is that you have all these people who’ve been raised to think government is everything. They can’t get by a day without government in their life! But they’re not content to hold that view themselves. We must all be that way. Every issue that liberals believe in we must also believe in, like this Redskins name. I’m not going to mention any names here, but everybody knows what I’m talking about, the football game last night.

Even though nobody cares, “You should because I do. You should because I’m a better person than you are, and it bothers me — and since it bothers me, it ought to bother you. Even though it doesn’t bother you and even though the people responsible for it don’t mean anything mean by it, it still isn’t any good because me and my buddies in the media say so — and because we say so you need to change it, and if you don’t want to change it means you’re not as good a person as I am.” That’s the way they all are, this mad presumptive superiority that they have about themselves.

It really frosts me.



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