Assume You Have No Privacy

This is the biggest point of all. It’s not so much the privacy, but who we trust with our information.
Check it out:

Let me tell you something. The reasonable, intelligent thing to do would be to assume that that’s the case. I think people already are assuming the NSA knows everything about ’em. Like, I’ll tell you a little story. I have some friends, and the new iPhone came out with the fingerprint censor, and the wife of the couple says, “I’m not doing that! No way! I’m not turning on my Location Services. I’m not gonna do any of it. No way.”

“Wait a minute. You don’t think that they’ve already got your fingerprints somewhere? You may turn Location Services off, but your GPS is on all day. You don’t think they can find you?” How many people have to give a fingerprint or thumbprint just for security someplace? This data is there. Folks, the data collection isn’t the problem. There’s no way of avoiding that. Technological advancement is such there’s no way of stopping the data collection. What it boils down to is who has it and how they want to use it, and that’s where ideology comes into play.

If you have people running the country who want to control people’s lives and who want to punish people who don’t agree with them, then that’s a problem for those people having that data. If you have people that don’t care to control other people, who believe in total freedom and so forth, and that information is kept strictly to deal with potential threats and criminal people, then you have nothing to worry about. It’s all about who’s got the data and why they want it — and, again, ideology will tell you who and who isn’t a problem in that regard.

Now, power does tend to corrupt everybody. I understand.

But you’re not gonna stop the data collection.

It’s not possible.

It’s just too omnipresent now. It matters who has it and why they want it.

That’s the key.



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