AP Claims Shutdown Will Starve Babies

Maybe they’ll have to cut back on their cigarettes or beer.
Check it out:

AP story…. You talk about a bleeding heart, tug your heartstrings, “Oh, my gosh, I don’t know if I can finish the day,” story? I have it here for you from Allentown, Pennsylvania. “Shutdown/Feeding Children — Shutdown Jeopardizes Nutrition Program for Poor.” Folks, this is so over the top…

I laugh at this. I go back and forth. I laugh at it and I get angry of course, but I laugh at this. This is the kind of thing that most people wouldn’t tell you what they really think about it. That’s never stopped me. “Jacob Quick is a fat and happy 4-month-old with a big and expensive appetite.” How do they know he’s happy? He’s four months old. I can’t tell anybody how he feels. When you were four months old, do you remember being happy, or sad or whatever?

Do you remember? (interruption) He smiles? I could be indigestion. It could be gas. Could be laughing at his mother. If he’s fat, had his mother fat? Who knows what the kid’s smiling about! “Like millions of other poor women, Jacob’s mother relies on the federal Women, Infants and Children program to pay for infant formula — aid that is now jeopardized by the government shutdown.

Pennsylvania and other states say they can operate WIC at least through the end of October, easing fears among officials that it would run out of money within days. But advocates and others worry what will happen if the shutdown drags on beyond that. ‘What’s going to happen to my baby?’ asked Jacob’s mother, Cierra Schoeneberger, as she fed him a bottle of formula bought with her WIC voucher.” Can I read that sentence to you here again here, folks?

“What’s gonna happen to my baby?” asked fat Jacob’s mother. AP described him as a happy fat four month old, so I’m just trying to keep you people informed. You know, you can’t read this. I’m reading it to you. I want to make sure you remember the characters here. “‘What’s going to happen to my baby?’ asked [fat] Jacob’s mother, Cierra Schoeneberger, as she fed him a bottle of formula bought with her WIC voucher.



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