Anyone Remember the Promise of HMOs?

Getting government out of things they aren’t supposed to be involved in is the only answer.
Check it out:

Remember the HMO that came out that everybody just ran to in droves, and then once they found out Big Brother was gonna make a decision for them on their health care —

RUSH: Yeah, the HMO was invented by Ted Kennedy.

CALLER: Yeah, so everybody hates it. There’s only about 3% of the policies out there in the market today, everything else is a PPO. So, I mean, I think that’s what we’re gonna see here with Obamacare, is everybody is going to, you know, those that want to are gonna run to this thing, and then they’re gonna realize what they’ve gotten themselves into, and nothing is for free. I mean, everything comes with a price. And I appreciate you getting that voice out there and letting people know.

RUSH: Well, what are people gonna do? Obamacare is not an HMO. If it gets fully implemented and entrenched and you say people are eventually gonna figure it out, well, what are they gonna do?

CALLER: Well, they’re gonna be stuck. I mean, that’s the problem. And they’re giving up a private health care industry, I mean, ’cause this is affecting the private health care industry. I have clients that are major companies in the Oklahoma City area that have hundreds of employees that, when the exchanges open, when it comes mandate for them to bring on the system, they’re gonna drop their great health care plan, put all these employees in the exchanges. And, I mean, they’re cutting back employees. So, I mean, we’re already feeling the effects of it —

RUSH: Yeah, but this is not an HMO. You said the HMOs went away and people came up with some other alternative. They’re not gonna have the option to do away with this. I mean, 16,000 IRS agents following people around requiring compliance or else. HMOs were sold as a great way to lower costs, and they drove costs through the roof, and there was no benefit. Obamacare is already, I think, a failure because the Drive-Bys are already talking about single payer as the solution.



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