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  • Nadia

    How the heck can 7 million enrollees support 300 million US citizens?

    • Washington22

      Well, Nadia, you have to use THEIR math to make it work………………but it’s a good question.

  • danhspoonhourdc

    Obamacare is fast becoming the laugh of the century!

  • Washington22

    My comment was just erased. I said……….People aren’t singing up. What an embarrassment for Obite-me. Nobody wants it……………


    SEEMS to me they pulled the same stunt way back when, when they decided to tax people to pay for the poor old folks that could no longer support themselves, CALLED S.S. then later on when the GOVERNMENT found out how much money was just setting there to be paid out they decided to start stealing from it, now its going broke well actually its already broke its stuffed with iou’s, and were talking both sides stealing from the tax payers that paid into it, same thing will happen with this new PROGRAM, no matter what its called, amounts to more stealing of tax payers, just as S.S. & Medicare was not legal to implement neither is Obamacare

  • WhiteFalcon

    Social Security was sold as “an insurance program that will not be part of the Government but will be administered by the Government,” to approximately quote FDR. Then came LBJ who needed money to finance the Viet Nam War and his Great Society and other of his boondoggles and he saw all that money in the Social Security Program just sitting there, so he and his rubber stamp Congress of 1968 created laws that enabled him to steal money from Social Security. After that, both sides did the same thing and now they have stolen all of it. Aren’t you proud of our political parties?