America Isn’t Signing Up for Obamacare

This is an excellent point.
Check it out:

New York’s got its own website that’s not part of Obamacare’s A lot of states do. Thirty some odd states did not sign up for Obamacare or for exchanges and so forth.

There are states out there that are not having any troubles whatsoever on their websites for people to get health insurance. The thing remarkable about those states is nobody’s signing up. New York state, nobody has gone to that website to sign up. I guess we don’t even know if that website works, technically. So my point is whatever you hear reports of glitches in the media, outside of, I think there’s a massive effort going on to mask or to obscure the fact that people aren’t enrolling in this. They’re not enrolling in government-run health care one degree or another, they’re just not doing it. And the point is, even when websites work, people aren’t going. They’re not interested.

Now, I’ve heard the number that Obamacare needs seven million enrollees in order for it to work financially. That makes no sense to me, but I’ll just go with what they say. They say they need seven million young, healthy people signing up who are not going to be using their health insurance because they’re healthy. They need those people signing up and paying the freight in order to cover the costs for the elderly and the poor and you know whoever else.

They’re not signing up, no matter where. At they can’t sign up ’cause the website’s a disaster. In other states they’re just not signing up. In fact, the regime, the Obama regime is telling Blue Cross and others not to tell the public how many people have signed up for Obamacare. They have issued strong requests, i.e., demands to clam up about the number of enrollees. That’s why Sebelius is not forthcoming with the number. They’re not telling you because nobody is signing up. This is a failure and a disaster no matter how you slice it.



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