60 Minutes: Benghazi Revelations of Betrayal, No Mention of Hillary, Obama

So they admit it was incompetent yet ignore the liberal leaders who were in charge.
Check it out:

On Sunday, CBS’ 60 Minutes released a segment in which Lara Logan, now famous for being brutally sexually assaulted in Cairo in 2011, interviewed a former British soldier, “Morgan Jones.” Jones protected U.S. diplomats, Green Beret Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Wood, who was one of the top American security officials in Libya, and former Deputy Chief of Mission in Libya Gregory Hicks.. In the whole segment, which established damning evidence that the U.S. had evidence that an attack on the annex where Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed was clearly in the works, Logan never once mentions the names of Hillary Clinton of Barack Obama.

Unsurprising that a featured player in the MSM should not report on the truly lethal evidence that could have sunk Obama’s 2012 campaign until almost one year after his reelection.

“Jones” stated that he surreptitiously entered a Benghazi hospital the night of 9/11 to find out if one of the people he knew was there, and saw Christopher Stevens dead. He added that five months before the attack, on his first visit to Benghazi, he saw al Qaeda flags flying in the streets. When he drove up to the U.S. compound, he saw the guards: “ . . . they were all inside drinking tea, laughing and joking . . . Instantly I thought we’re going to have to get rid of all these guys.”



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