5 Internet Problems You Didn’t Know Existed Before Obamacare

Something tells me Obama is the problem.
Check it out:

With the President’s landmark healthcare legislation finally starting to make its way into the hands of the general public, the problems have been piling on. Even before the healthcare “exchanges” opened on October 1, the Obama administration was delaying the law piece by piece, giving breaks to businesses, members of congress, even his own family.

Clearly, Obamacare is the coolest thing since, like, sliced bread and 90′s rock bands.

But the problems didn’t stop when the healthcare marketplace opened up for Americans to begin buying their new, improved, better than before health insurance plans. Rather, the problems began to multiply like rabbits in the springtime.

404 Errors, server crashes, and unresponsive webpages became the norm for curious Americans who were eager to find out exactly how much the “afforable” care act would cost them.

The jury is still out on that number for me, but for many others their computer problems were met with interesting explanations from the “Agents” who were sometimes accessible for live chat on the healthcare exchange websites. From their official capacity, their explanations were anything but.



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