WH goes all out to win Syria strike support ahead of Tuesday speech

It is confusing on why Obama is so determined to do this. You’d think he’d just let it go.
Check it out:

The Obama administration is making an all-out effort to win Americans’ support for a military strike against Syria ahead of the president’s scheduled Oval Office speech on Tuesday.

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough will begin the full court press by appearing on the Sunday morning talk shows to continue to make the president’s case that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ordered a chemical-weapon attack last month that killed more than 1,400 of his own people and that the United States must take punitive action.

Obama said Aug. 31 that he had decided the U.S. should act but also said he wanted congressional support, which has already resulted in numerous classified briefings at the White House and on Capitol Hill and Secretary of State John Kerry testifying publicly at two congressional hearings earlier this week.



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