Watch deputy face 3 armed citizens

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A blogger is praising a law enforcement officer who respectfully visits with three open-carry protesters and his compliments are being joined by dozens of commenters on the Last Resistance website.

Philip Hodges posted online the video from a Michigan encounter between the officer and several sign-carrying conservatives who were advocating for Second Amendment rights.

“You’ll never guess what happens when this sheriff confronts 3 open-carry protesters,” Hodges wrote.

“I am usually critical of police these days. But I’m not ‘anti-police.’ Just like I’m not anti-congressman or anti-senator or even anti-president. But let’s face it. Most people today who occupy those positions are corrupt individuals. They exert far more power than their constitutional authority allows,” Hodges wrote.

He continued, “The Constitution was written to restrain them, because the Founding Fathers understood the temptations of power that come with holding positions of authority. But we have spineless politicians who are never satisfied with the ‘limited’ power they wield, so representatives in all branches of local, state and federal government are constantly reinterpreting the Constitution to accommodate their lusts for more power, which in turn takes freedoms and liberties away from the very people who put these ‘leaders’ in their positions.”



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