This war hawk pushing Obama to bomb Syria

Obama has so many distractions going on so he can keep gathering power.
Check it out:

U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power is a driving force urging President Obama to strike in Syria, according to informed Middle Eastern diplomats.

Power was notably absent during an urgent U.N. Security Council meeting last month concerning Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Her name barely pops up in news media coverage of the crisis in Syria.

Power’s most visible reaction to events in Syria so far has been a Tweet accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of using chemical weapons.

Yet behind the scenes, Power is a central player at pushing Obama to launch a military campaign in Syria, the diplomats told WND.

The diplomats said Power has been working with Syrian foes Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well as with key Syrian opposition figures in trying to convince the White House to act sooner in Syria.



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