Voters Give McCain the Business

McCain has to be the biggest RINO ever.
Check it out:

These people are showing up and giving McCain the business. They don’t like what this regime is doing; they don’t want our party helping. The people showing up understand that what’s going on here is politics, not national interests.

What’s going on here is politics, not foreign policy, and I don’t understand why McCain doesn’t see that. So we’ve got two or three the sound bites here.

McCain has said today, by the way, this had an impact on him, he has said today that if — I’m paraphrasing, at least I saw it on Drudge. He said that if Obama puts boots on the ground that’s an impeachable offense. He said that, something like that. McCain said there would be an impeachment of Obama if he puts boots on the ground, that’s a quote. So this guy had an impact. He reached McCain last night.

This is exactly what a caller earlier today was talking about, about gratitude and humility. Why’s McCain taking this personally? Here’s one of his voters, he’s an American citizen just offering his opinion. (imitating exchange) “I don’t think we need to be spending all this money to go in there and siding with Al-Qaeda and so forth. If we’re gonna be spending additional money let’s take care of the vets.”

“I don’t need to be lectured to by you, sir, on veterans. I was in Vietnam with John Kerry.” It’s unnecessary. McCain is acting like the guy is being contentious with him, and he hasn’t been. He took that as a personal attack.



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