The Unintended Consequences of Liberal Social Engineering

The liberal utopia doesn’t take into account the lazy or the power hungry.
Check it out:

I have come across something, you talk about something happening underneath the radar? I’ve come across something I want to tell you about that could be the most ambitious and disturbing social engineering project ever undertaken by the federal government, excluding Obamacare. But everybody knows about that. Let me begin by asking you if you remember busing from the 1970s. (interruption)

You don’t? You don’t remember bussing? Okay, you were a baby, but you heard about it? Do you know what it was? This is very helpful. Very helpful. Somebody 60 years old does not know about busing. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Forced busing in the 1970s was a liberal attempt to integrate the races, and the upshot of it was that white kids were bused in some cases, in Boston — and it really erupted in Boston, by the way.

The white kids were bussed in, in some cases 45 minutes to an hour, to all-black schools, to integrate them, because the liberals thought this was only fair and just, and they thought the civil rights movement wanted integration. Now, Martin Luther King did, but his heirs do not want integration. They want to segregate again after they achieved integration. But again, I’m getting sidetracked. That’s a whole ‘nother thing.

In the 1970s, schools were ordered to bus children into neighborhoods far away in order to achieve racial balance in the schools. Children were roused out of bed an hour before they needed to be in order to ship them off to schools. Now, at the time, it was no different than it is now. Parents moved into neighborhoods because of the schools. Parents wanted to live relatively close to the schools so the kid could walk or whatever, but be close. The school was the center of the kid’s universe nine months out of the year.



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