All the UN did was say what, not who. The who is the important part here.
Check it out:

The United Nations investigation into the Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in Damascus officially wasn’t designed to assign blame, but even so, the results are “amateurish” and it raises more questions than it answers, according to sources.

Experts who have analyzed the 41-page U.N. investigative report say that it is incomplete, “amateurish” according to one source, and from the report, it is impossible to construct any accurate details about sites investigated.

The report refers to both three sites, then two, and doesn’t address another two sites altogether as having been targeted.

There also is conflicting information on the samples taken from the various sites to determine whether chemical weapons were used, analysts of the report say. In some cases, no chemical weapons residue was found in samples taken at the sites.

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