TIME Replaces Putin Cover for US Audience

Wow. They are still trying to protect Obama.
Check it out:

There’s one cover there that is not Vladimir Putin. There are five covers that are identical, and they’re all Vladimir Putin, and what do those five TIME Magazine covers have in common? They all ran in foreign countries, in the foreign country version of TIME Magazine. The lone cover that is blue (and you may not be able to see it) with an athlete on the cover, ran in the United States, or is running in the United States. I’m gonna turn the Dittocam off.

What you need to know is, the Vladimir Putin cover — that ran in the Middle East, in Africa, in Europe, in the South Pacific, and in Asia — talks about “The World According to Vladimir Putin,” and the story that accompanied the cover photo, the cover picture, tells the truth of how Putin carried the day in the whole Syria operation and essentially (these are my words) made mincemeat of Obama and the rest of the world.

“The World According to Vladimir Putin” is the headline on that cover, and again: “The World According to Vladimir Putin” and the story with it are highly praiseworthy and complimentary of Putin and how he is running the world. In the United States, that did not run. The cover that is running here in the United States has a college football player in the traditional running pose. The headline: “It’s Time to Pay College Athletes.”



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