Thoughts on 9/11 – and Patriotism

The day of service thing is silly. Should be a day to take out a terrorist base.
Check it out:

Why do you suppose, ladies and gentlemen, that there have been — and there never are, really. It’s not just this anniversary; any anniversary since 9/11, the networks do not replay video footage of the World Trade Center being hit? (interruption) They did? (interruption) MSNBC did? (interruption) Oh, the Today show did. Okay, then I stand corrected. The Today show did. But it’s an exception to the rule — and you know why they don’t do it, theoretically, supposedly?

“Well, it’s still so traumatic. There’s no reason to subject the American people this reminder.” I disagree with that profoundly. You know, you’ve heard the phrase “never forget.” I think it applies here. I don’t think people should ever be allowed to forget what happened and who did it. By the way, I’ll go so far as to say that in some circles in our media the decision not to play videotape of that day is precisely to — I don’t want to say “protect;” that’s not the word, but to downplay who did it.

It’s not that they seek to blame America. I’m not saying that. They seek to downplay who did it. They might even consider it racist to do so. Anybody who is a person of color — if you’re white, if you’re a liberal — you can be accused of racism if you just speak honestly about certain things. They might not wish to go there. They might obviously be leftists and don’t want it concluded by a majority of people that the United States was not to blame.

I kid you not about that.

Not only do I think that we should not shut down the country on 9/11, which is what the terrorists were trying to do, I think everybody ought to go to work. Have memorials all you want, but don’t shut down the country. That’s they what were trying to do. Don’t stop elections, which they did in New York on that day. I think people need to be reminded lest they forget. Clearly there are some people who wouldn’t mind if people forgot.



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