Gun control works so well in Chicago. Only criminals have guns!
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For those of us foolish enough to live in a crime-gripped city while also summarily denied our constitutional right to protect ourselves, this week’s massacre at the Navy Yard pretty well sums up our insane, defenseless existence.

Our Capitol Hill neighborhood drowned in the scream of sirens as police cars, vans, trucks, and armored vehicles streaked through the narrow streets at deadly speeds. The skies filled with the constant wapping of countless helicopters.

Just back from dropping children off at school, neighbors began frantically calling, texting and emailing one another to see what was wrong. The crisp morning reminded many of Sept. 11, 2001.

Police dispatched text and email alerts to residents that there was an “active shooter” at the nearby Navy Yard, just blocks from where our children play little league baseball. Many were dead and more injured, we were told.

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