Ted Cruz Did Exactly What He Promised to Do — and the House Leadership Listened

With so many jobs lost, and the cost of health care exploding, it’s amazing that Obama even tries to defend it.
Check it out:

Three hundred and thirty people laid off at the Cleveland Clinic chalked up to Obamacare. Wait a minute. No. The Cleveland Clinic has told workers they’re gonna be laying off an unspecified number, could be as many as 3,000 jobs. The layoffs are part of a multi-year plan to cut $330 million from the clinic’s budget. In answer to the question why, a spokesman attributed most of the budget reductions to looming changes accompanying the start of Obamacare. Said the clinic had not made overall layoffs in the past 11 years. The Cleveland Clinic has 42,000 employees. That’s huge. And they may have to lay off 3,000 people. The Cleveland Clinic.

Obamacare’s a job killer. Obamacare is a budget buster. Obamacare is gonna drive doctors into early retirement. The unions don’t like it. It’s gonna lead to socialized medicine. It needs to be repealed. Let’s get started on this. Grab audio sound bite number one. We’ll just go in order here and explain what is happening. Up first is a bunch of Democrats saying, “Why would the Republicans want to defund this? It’s the law of the land. You can’t change that. Why, it’s the law of the land.”



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