A Speech About Not Doing Something

Obama is an impotent President.
Check it out:

What an historic speech last night! It’s probably the first time in history that a US president gave a speech about not doing something, unless you want to count all of Obama’s speeches about how he’s gonna fix the economy. ‘Cause those have been speeches about how he’s not gonna do anything, either. Do you realize what a laughingstock we are? I mean, I’ve tried to convey this the past couple days. I’m at a loss. I really am, folks.

You know me and words, but I’m at a loss to explain this. I mean, even the Drive-Bys saw it. This had to be so tough. AP, they fact checked this thing, dismal. The foreign press, of course, never holds anything back, and they’re right on the money, but even some of the domestic Drive-Bys are trying to… You know, their whole job is to position Obama in the best light possible, and they’re really finding this difficult to do, because it is. We’ve learned so much.

For example, from John Kerry, we’ve learned that size really does matter. After all these years — I’m 62 years old — I finally now learn that size matters. The day before yesterday John Kerry said the attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small,” and you know why he said that? Because his whole party is opposed to it. The anti-war left. I don’t know how they’re shutting ’em up. Well, I do. This is the United States of Whatever Obama Wants.

Not America.



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