Six-year-old Changes Gender

This is child abuse. Unreal. How can anyone think just changing your sex by operation because of feelings is a legitimate solution. You’re still the sex God made you at the core of your being no matter what some knife or drug therapy shows.
Check it out:

Luana, known as Lulu, is believed to be the youngest to benefit from the country’s new Gender Identity Law, which was approved in May 2012.

The act enshrines the right to be identified by name and sex as defined by the individual.

As a result, the governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, approved Lulu’s application to change her name from Manuel on her DNI, the Argentinian identity card, and birth certificate.

“The government of the province of Buenos Aires has decided to provide a solution to this particular case raised by the family,” Alberto Perez, chief of staff, said, according to La Nacion.

The decision was made after Lulu’s mother, Gabriela, wrote to Mr Scioli as well as Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner. She said her daughter identified herself as a girl as soon as she started talking.



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