SHOCK! ABC World News Featured a Man Who Will Lose His Health Coverage Because of ObamaCare

Stories like these are going to be happening more and more often.
Check it out:

ABC on Wednesday morning dismissed Ted Cruz as “bizarre.” But that night on the network’s World News, reporter Jeff Zeleny featured a man who will lose his health coverage because of ObamaCare. In a noticeable break from Good Morning America’s coverage, Zeleny also allowed, “The bottom line for millions: many young and healthy will likely pay more while older and sick Americans get a break and costs vary widely.”

On GMA, Zeleny skipped the substance of Cruz’s complaints against the health care law. On World News, the journalist conceded, “[Cruz] told story after story how families are bracing for ObamaCare.” Zeleny highlighted, “In Pittsburgh, Dan Howard received a letter saying his policy will be cancelled because of the new law. Married with six children, he’s struggling to find coverage.”

The reporter balanced this out with a pro-ObamaCare example: “But in Miami, Maggie Fernandez told us she’s been cutting her high blood pressure pills in half, waiting to buy insurance since losing her job earlier this year.”



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