Senate Republicans Can Stop Reid from Funding Obamacare

They need to have courage to stand up to the liberals.
Check it out:

When Establishment Republicans and their Democrat comrades claim there is no path to victory in the fight to defund Obamacare, they are intentionally muddying the waters. Do not confuse blundering political expedience with winning.

There is a clear path to victory and the folks comprising the new Republican leadership emerging in the House and Senate are smart enough and bold enough to take that path.

They’re playing to win and deserve our support.

Understanding the options available to these new leaders requires an understanding of a few of the basics of Senate rules and process. Otherwise folks like Karl Rove will tell you to “do the math” counting Democrat Senators without telling you that Senate Republicans have the ability to change the formula.

To help simplify an explanation of the Senate process, think of it like a football game where the rules and timing are set, but there are different plays at your disposal. Winning requires playing the game with a focus on fundamentals.



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