Senate Chaplain Prays for Left’s Agenda

Can’t even get the Chaplain to be impartial.
Check it out:

Okay, so what is the leftist agenda in the news made it into the prayer today, and that is, “Deliver us from governing by crisis.” Do you know how to do that? If we wanted to deliver ourselves from the concept governing by crisis, what would we do? We would get rid of the Democrat Party. Who is it that creates a crisis every time? It’s the Democrat Party. They set the agenda.

They’re the ones that define everything that happens every day be with in the media. They’re the ones trying to advance their agenda. They’re the ones we’re trying to stop. They are the ones that create crisis after crisis after crisis that has to be solved today, today, today, or tonight, tonight, tonight. Everybody’s constantly on edge, and the Democrat Party does this.

And then he says, “Lord, deliver us from governing by crisis and empowering us to be responsible stewards of your bounty using judicious compromise.” Who was it that just said yesterday and last night he wasn’t gonna compromise? That was Barack Obama, who happens to be the chieftain, the president. He said he wasn’t gonna negotiate. No way. Yet the Senate chaplain was asking for deliverance to compromise.



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