Russians Celebrate Day of Conception

Russia is looking towards its future. We seem to barely be concerned with the present with our liberal leadership.
Check it out:

It takes a lot of people doing a lot of great, productive things to become a superpower. So we had tremendous population growth. The Russians are losing population. Their birthrate-replacement level is way low. Their birthrate is below replacement level, is the proper way to put it. This is from the UK Independent. “Skip Work, Have Sex: Russians Celebrate ‘Day of Conception’ as Sporting Community Continues to Criticise Putin’s Anti-Gay Legislation.”

That’s the headline. “Couples in the region of Ulyanovsk told to take the day off in order to procreate, while athletes raise concerns over Russia’s homophobic policies.” That’s another thing: How in the world do these people run around praising Putin when he has this homophobic policy of anti-gay marriage and anti-gay participation at the Olympics and so forth? Anyway, in our country, the government wants to screw us, but in Russia they want everybody screwing each other ’cause they want babies born.

This is actual paragraph from the article: “In past years prizes have been awarded to couples who give birth in exactly nine months from the unofficial public holiday. In 2012 the winning pair were presented with an apartment, while in 2011 the award was a Jeep.” Can you imagine this in our country? I don’t know. We gave away a Jeep at Two If By Tea for doing nothing. In Russia, you gotta have sex and then you gotta have baby in nine months to get a Jeep.

So you have all these people, all these Russians out there having sex today. It is the Day of Conception.



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