Roger Goodell’s Message to the Redskins’ Owner: “If One Person Is Offended…”

It’s silly season in the NFL when you get politics involved.
Check it out:

Who is bothered by this?

We love to talk about majorities versus minorities. They can cram nearly 100,000 people in that stadium, and every time they have a game, it’s full. Who’s offended? I’m common sense. This is mayor of Realville stuff here. This is a manufactured controversy, manufactured by the left, and they want the government to come in or a powerful authority to come in and tell this individual owner what he can’t or can do, unwittingly supporting the loss of liberty and freedom. Now, if people have a problem with the name of the team, fine. Let the NFL deal with it within its own business framework.

Why does the government have to get involved?

Anyway, I want you to hear the commissioner’s answer to this question.

GOODELL: I grew up in Washington. The Colts were my team early on, and then I became a Redskins fan. I know the team name is part of their history and tradition, and that’s something that’s important to the Redskins fans, and I think what we have to do, though, is we have to listen. If one person’s offended, we have to listen.

RUSH: “If one person is offended, we have to listen.” Let me personalize this. I wouldn’t be on the air if that were the guiding concept. One person’s offended? We have to listen? What he means is, he’s buying time here. He’s trying to give these people what they want, but if one person’s offended out of however many millions of fans — one person — we have to listen. Do you realize the power that’s being transferred to one person simply because they’re offended? Who isn’t offended?

What if I said the term “Cowboys” offends me, ’cause of what the Indians did to ’em in a bunch of westerns I saw once when I was a kid?



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