Republicans Demand One Year Delay Of Obamacare

A delay is better than nothing.
Check it out:

House Republican leaders shifted the budget battle on Thursday to a potentially more consequential fight over raising the government’s borrowing limit, rolling out conditions for a debt-ceiling increase pulled from three years of frustration over efforts to roll back regulations and undo President Obama’s first-term achievements.

House Speaker John A. Boehner also made clear that he is not ready just yet to give up a policy fight that could shut down the federal government on Tuesday. Asked whether he would put a stopgap spending bill to a vote free of Republican policy prescriptions, he answered, “I do not see that happening.”

With just days remaining until a cascade of economic events crash onto Washington, the budget showdown between Congressional Republicans, Senate Democrats and President Obama is only growing more tangled. Behind closed doors in the Capitol, House Republican leaders laid out their demands for a debt-ceiling increase to the Republican rank and file.



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