The Republican Party Disregards Its Base

Real Republicans are conservative and listen. It’s time we get rid of the horde of RINO’s in the party.
Check it out:

You’re worried that Syria’s distracting everybody from Obamacare and amnesty and all that, and it is, in places. But I don’t know. A lot of people think that Obama created Syria out of the clear blue in order to divert people’s attention. People think that kind of thing is possible. He drew the red line back last summer, don’t forget. But Obama didn’t fire off the chemical weapons. At the time he wanted ’em fired off.

But, look, I understand your concern about this and you think that it’s a ploy that will allow Obamacare to not be opposed, no energy for it and so forth. I’m not so sure. The American people haven’t forgotten about it, and we don’t let them forget about it on this program. I’ve got an entire Obamacare Stack here. News is continuing to be made. The Heritage Foundation has their Morning Bell blog today: “10 Ways Obamacare Isn’t Working.”

More companies have announced that they’re getting rid of insurance coverage, and a couple of others have said no longer can they afford it. They’re pulling out. Unions are furious, and this is not subsided. Just because Syria’s in the news doesn’t — ’cause people are affected by it every day. It has not gone away, Montres, and it doesn’t have to be discussed 100% all the time every day for it to be on people’s minds.

There’s also a story here about the new American dream. It’s not what you think. Did you hear what the new American dream is? It’s not a house. It’s having no debt. According to a survey from ABC News. But, the exchanges are not ready to go. These Obamacare guides, these “navigators”? They’re way behind in hiring and training them. The whole thing’s a mess.

I don’t think Obama really cares about that. He doesn’t care that it’s not ready. He doesn’t care that it may not work. All he knows is that it’s gonna be the only option people have, if everything else about it works out. With more insurance companies pulling out and more companies converting to part time to eliminate employer coverage, the mess has not gone away, Montres. But I appreciate your fear. I understand your concern.



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