The Redskins should become the Washington Foreskins

Wow. Joe doesn’t hold back on this one.
Check it out:

Despite various polls showing that 90% of American Indians take pride in sports names reflecting their heritage, the Washington Redskins name offends those who are perpetually offended. To win more Jewish fans the team should be renamed the Washington Foreskins. A Rabbi can be the team doctor, assuming a Jewish doctor will not be a stereotype, and therefore offensive. Every baby born to a player on the team once the name change takes effect will be given a free circumcision. With no more Redskins to battle, the Dallas Cowboys can become the Ranchers. To mollify activists, they will be the Dallas Vegan Ranchers. Their mascot will be a stick of Texas Tofu. Since Panthers are violent animals, the Carolina team could change its name to the Pussy Cats. Politicians will be interviewed for jobs as the team’s mascot.



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