The Pop Culture Will Never Abandon Obama

Liberals do stick together.
Check it out:

So you can have this dream of yours come true that The Daily Show starts making fun of Obama and Letterman starts making fun of Obama and Saturday Night Live starts making fun of Obama. And, by the way, I don’t think that those three are actually the key, but you do, so we’ll stick with them. Even if that happens, if there isn’t somebody who then stands up and agrees with what all of these people that you hope happens? If there’s nobody who starts distancing themselves from this?

If there’s no alternative, if there’s no push-back, if there’s nobody that stands up or no political party of opposition that gives an alternative to vote for to get this turned around, then it’s moot anyway. This is why I’m totally puzzled where the Republican Party just is within the realm of politics. Okay, maybe they don’t want to be conservative. Fine. Leave that for another day. But at least they’re not Democrat! Why aren’t they opposing the party? They can oppose the Democrats without saying bad things about Obama ’cause they’re afraid to do that.

They’re not even doing that, and there’s been never any greater opportunity for a political party ever to oppose the Democrats. Twenty years ago, 10 years ago, we could campaign on the basis of, “If these guys win, let me tell you what’s gonna happen because of who they are.” No longer. We don’t have to predict anymore; we’re living it. We’re in the middle of the predictions made 15 years ago and 30 years ago and 15 years ago. Things that I warned people about that would happen in America if liberals got control, they’re happening now.

It’s no longer what “might” happen; it’s happening. So the opportunity to stand up and draw a distinction between us and it has never been better, because we don’t have to convince people of what will happen; it has happened. The problem is very simple. The problem is tying what has happened to the Democrat Party, which nobody seems to be trying to do. That boggles my mind. I gotta take a break. Lissa, thanks very much. I’m glad you called, and I hope — I hope — that what you think is going to happen, does.

Don’t misunderstand.



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