Poll: Cruz 2016 Frontrunner, New GOP Leader

We need to make sure a conservative gets through this time!
Check it out:

A new national poll has found that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is not only the 2016 frontrunner but also the politician Republicans view as their new leader in Washington, D.C.

A Public Policy Polling poll of GOP primary voters conducted September 25-26, while Cruz was speaking on the Senate floor for 21 hours in support of defunding Obamacare, found Cruz is the top choice “among Republican primary voters to be their candidate for President in 2016”:

He leads the way with 20% to 17% for Rand Paul, 14% for Chris Christie, 11% for Jeb Bush, 10% each for Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, 4% for Bobby Jindal, and 3% each for Rick Santorum and Scott Walker.

Cruz received the support of 34% of “very conservative” voters while Paul received 17% and Ryan 12%. Those “very conservative” voters make up the greatest share of the GOP primary electorate at 39%.



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