Part-Timers, Discouraged Workers Dominate Jobs Report

Obama has our economy so messed up that there is little hope on the horizon. All we can do is take care of our own and try to wade through the mess.
Check it out:

The Labor Department reported the economy created 169,000 jobs in August after adding 104,000 in July. Unemployment fell to 7.3 percent, largely because 516,000 more adults are no longer employed or looking for work.

Businesses continued the shift toward contingent workers. In August, 123,000 more Americans reported working part-time. Since January, the economy has added 813,000 more part-time positions but only 35,000 full time jobs.

ObamaCare’s mandates for employer paid health insurance coverage encourage more part-time hiring. Also driving this trend is the growing importance of services like retailing and hospitality, and rigidity and visceral anti-business campaigns of unions, such as those targeting McDonalds and Wal-Mart.

The jobs count may be up, but for recent college graduates and middle-aged adults seeking positions the situation is grim. Adding in part-timers who want full-time employment and discouraged adults who have abandoned searching for jobs, the unemployment rate becomes 13.7 percent. This figure has fallen because more adults appear reconciled to permanent part-time status.



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