Palin Opposes Syria Intervention: ‘Let Allah Sort Syria Out’

I’m more worried about terrorists getting a hold of these chemical weapons.
Check it out:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Tea Party Republicans led the charge against President Barack Obama’s intention to use military force against Syria. Obama announced on Saturday that though he has decided military action was needed, he would first seek congressional authorization.

Palin simply said Obama should let “Allah sort it out,” using a line she has used before on the Middle East. In a blistering Facebook note on Friday, Palin wrote, “So we’re bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I’m the idiot?”

“President Obama wants America involved in Syria’s civil war pitting the antagonistic Assad regime against equally antagonistic Al Qaeda affiliated rebels,” she wrote. “But he’s not quite sure which side is doing what, what the ultimate end game is, or even whose side we should be on. Haven’t we learned? WAGs don’t work in war.”
After writing that “our allies in Britain” have already said “no” to military strikes against Syria, Palin said “the American people overwhelmingly agree, and the wisdom of the people must be heeded.”



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