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  • patriotusa2

    Europe is headed for the dust bin because they are even more stupid than those who govern America. Although I think the UK runs a pretty close second. You should not have to punish other people because of the unreasonable demands of others. It is either an excuse to rid the country of visible Christian decorations, or just another stupid way of solving a problem from a people whose beliefs and cultures belong in their own country.

    • RescueKyron

      USA is a Christianity based country, we are suffering those who do not want anything with the word Christ in it used in our country. They tell Administrators of airports to remove Christmas trees and when the Exec said well… I’ll see to it that you get all the publicity due to you with your demand, Rabbi, he backed down and said he just wanted the Menorah there with the tree. That Exec was smart, Christian, American. The complainer with the chutzpah was against Christ (still), tried to rip our traditions and definitely hated our documents all based on Christian principles. He would be happier in his own country where they do not celebrate anything Christ, but apparently wants to stay here and harass Christians. What is that verse in Scripture advising Christians… something about reject/confront Satan and he will flee from you.


    Probably not too far away from coming to a town near you!

    • henryknox

      But remember that we have a Constitution that forbids the gov’t from regulating religion. Congress shall make no law prohibiting the free expression of religion. This is a defense that the German people do not have from tyranny.

      • GFWSR

        Well, we sorta have a Constitution. If you’ve noticed, the POTUS and congress have been doing a pretty good job of trampling and ignoring it!

      • W_R_Monger

        Islam is very good at using an enemies legal system against them, or in this case us. They’ve had centuries to perfect this tactic and are now using our Constitution to bring us down. Until we define what constitutes a “religion” they will have the upper hand. islam is NOT a religion, it barely qualifies as a cult as it governs rather than allows free will. If you cannot leave, under threat of punishment then perhaps it can be classified as a cult but a religion? Never! It has no protection under our Constitution and until our law makers realize that we will be in a losing fight for our lives.

  • jong

    Ok. If they want to take it to this point just make sure that the muslims are not celebrating in any way shape or form any kind of activities that would denote ANYTHING of a religious nature. In other words prepare for a pork barbaque coming to next to all mosques in Berlin.

    • W_R_Monger

      That’s all well and fine however, on France they already have laws banning public religious displays and yet the streets of Paris become impassable every Friday as the muzzies flood in from all around France. They have their own security to ensure they aren’t disturbed by the infidels who actually live and work there. The city, or major portions of it are shut down and woe unto those who would crash their party. The locals either go into lockdown within their homes or wait it out until the crowds disperse. New York is becoming that way as well. It’s becoming their way, a show of force as it were. It is illegal to shut these cities down that way but they know that the government will do nothing to stop it. It’s stealth jihad and is slime is winning on that front. Shut down any opposition and fill the void left behind…

  • 83footsailor

    SOUNDS LIKE THE WORLD HAS ANOTHER ** HITLER ** ON OUR HANDS. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • RedMeatState

      Mohammed was the original Hitler.

    • henryknox

      I hope you are not just now realizing this. The Islamo-Fascists supported Hitler and have never gone away. We defeated Hitler but not the Islamo-Fascists. You may notice that they both wish to exterminate the Jews and they have many other similarities.

      • W_R_Monger

        The Chaldeans existed as a nation and a people until the 7th century. Guess who happened to them at that time? The grand pedophile moehammy, that’s who. Only in recent modern times have they been able to be known as Chaldeans and once again they are being hunted to genocide. Seems the muzzies don’tlike the fact that the Chaldeans are Semitic and the original inhabitants of the lands they claim (through conquest) as belonging to is slime. You never hear of the thousands upon thousands of slaughtered, tortured, and raped Christians. Weseem to be nnothing more than a “bump in the road”, as our muslim in chief would put it. This “bump” has had enough, time to fight back. Germany! DO NOT cancel Christmas! You lose this battle and you might as well convert as a nation.

  • VanceJ

    The result of losing your country to Muslims.

  • Redwhiteblu

    Muslims do NOT deserve any respect …they are lower than dog turds. They are the most violent people on earth. They behead people the rape their women and then kill they because they had sex with someone They burn Christian churches they hate the Jews

    Why is it that Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians can all basically get along peacefully in this world….but the Muslims cant

    • Johnny

      MERRY CHRISTMAS / HAPPY HANUKKAH / I am not familiar with Buddhists and or Hindus. For this I apologize.
      It is too bad there is no really fine print fo’ those muslims.

      • HarryTheCat

        Muslims celebrate things like Ramadan, and some of the conversations go like this:

        Father: Happy Ramadan, son. Here’s your present!
        Son: Wow, Dad. Cool vest! What does this button do?
        Father: Don’t play with that in the house, son.

      • W_R_Monger

        Another happy ramadamadingdong…

    • W_R_Monger

      Because as a group, and a cult, they aren’t much more than children. From birth until death someone must tell them what to do, how to live. If they deviate from their “leaders” (masters more like it) they are punished. The only reward that they can look forward to is in the afterlife. For what they committ upon others I can only imagine that hell awaits them and that is no reward at all. Just following orders won’t work as an excuse as we all have free will regardless of race, creed, or color.

    • JoJo58

      Very true, but when I was in Vienna last year, muslim women were looking down at non muslim women like they dirt. But, when you’re treated like an animal and considered less valuable than a smelly, nasty camel…what can you expect. I can’t stand any of them and they need to go overthrow their own country.

  • W_R_Monger

    Ever see the Kevin Costner version of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves? There’s a part in it where Alan Rickman playing the Sheriff of Nottingham says ” Cancel the kitchen scraps for the lepers and orphans! No more merciful beheadings! And cancel Christmas!” One of the best scenes ever, just never thought it would come to pass…

    • Darlene Cunningham

      What did you think would happen when the 3rd world is invited into White countries and White countries only? People need to realize that in the end, this is just another anti-White policy.

      • W_R_Monger

        Playing on “white guilt” is an anti-white policy, I don’t believe in “sins of the father are passed onto the son” shtick. This is more specifically anti-Christian. I’m offended by stupid drivers but we don’t ban them from public roads, this is no different. If Christmas decorations offend muzzies they don’t have to look. After all there are neighborhoods in which infidels aren’t allowed. Don’t believe me? Go to Dearbornistan or Londonistan and try to access neighborhoods that sport arabic writing on the signs.

      • JoJo58

        You can add Viennastan to that. I was there last year and there were so many black jihabs in the streets it looked like a bunch of walking garbage bags. After watching how these “women” were looking down on the local women, I decided to make it a point to look at them like something I scraped off my shoe….actually, I’ve scraped better things off my shoe. They really need to be sent back to the sandbox.

  • outofsteam

    Oh,oh. When Obama gets wind of this, he’ll make an executive decision so that America can’t even say the word Christmas much less decorate anything. We all know he hates Christians anyway. No Christmas carols, no nothing.

    • Becky

      Let him try. He can stuff it right up his butt.

    • JoJo58

      There are already towns in the US banning Christmas decorations. They tend to be in MA. Must be something in the water since that is the state that kept reelecting a murderer to the senate for decades.

  • wfwilson6

    Well, not the US, but suggest massive public disobedience.

  • Jack Parker

    Hey! I’m an atheist and I enjoy the Christmas season. I like the lights the decorations and the Christmas spirit. I don’t even mind Nativity displays. Since there is very little “Christ” in Christmas anymore, how can I be bothered by it.

  • DavidTUSAF

    Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  • wwjdroy

    You would think after getting your ass kicked twice in the last century because you let your leader remove God from the country, you Wouldn’t Want to do that again.

  • Becky

    Why should Communists be allowed to appear in public where they highly OFFEND everyone with a brain and any decency. Ban ALL Libs/Commies in public. Force them to stay off public accesses – INCLUDING the internet – and away from eyesight. I find THEM extremely offensive.

    • JoJo58

      Should ban atheists too. Their religion that is supposed to be NOT a religion offends me. LOL

      • Becky

        Yeah but mostly Atheists are either young, or idiots, if old enough to know better. Generally once people mature enough to realize you have to believe in God to disavow Him their thinking clears up. Part of that is immaturity. The other part is insanity. I have no problem with the first. Everyone needs the opportunity to mature. But if they refuse and continue to believe things so incoherently? Then they’re clinically insane.

  • Becky

    If this begins to get a good foothold in America we citizens need to start filing complaints every single time a mu-SLIME acts in any way Islamic. THAT is against us.

    • JoJo58

      It doesn’t even have to be a GOOD foothold. What is so incredibly pathetic is that this moron,Social Democratic Party Councilor Martin Becker thinks that this will satisfy the muslims. This is just the beginning. Muslims, like cockroaches, have infiltrated every major city in europe and one by one every city will succumb to islam. What’s amusing is that the liberals with their pro homosexual, anti God agenda will be the first to have their heads lopped off.

      • Becky

        Yeah JoJo I keep waiting to see if the insane Libs will ever pull their heads out of their butts and understand Islam. They seem to believe they will be loved by the SLIMES just because they ‘empathize’ with them. I guess they don’t have the intelligence to realize they are being used and they WILL BE killed if they’re overrun by Islam. Idiots. Some people are just too dumb to be allowed to live in a society. But hey, who am I to worry about them. The more of their heads the SLIMES lop off, the quicker we can start cleaning the vipers out of their nests.