If Obamacare is So Wonderful…

If ObamaCare is so wonderful why did my premiums go up and my deductible skyrocket to $1,500. Health insurance is almost worthless unless you have something catastrophic.
Check it out:

Why didn’t Obama tell Congress a couple of weeks ago what a wonderful thing Obamacare is? He’s out there touting it to this audience in Maryland, and he’s gonna be on the campaign trail a lot selling Obamacare, talking about how wonderful it is, how rotten and dastardly the Republicans are for trying to stop it and defund it. But he’s basically out telling everybody how wonderful it is. Well, the question is, why didn’t he go to Congress a couple weeks ago and tell them how wonderful it is instead of giving them a taxpayer subsidy for 75% of their premiums?

He didn’t tell this audience today that they’re gonna get 75% of their premiums subsidized. He told them how wonderful it is. He told them how inexpensive it is. He told the audience today how great it is and how cheap it is and they’re gonna get to keep their doctor, and all these things the Republicans are saying is a bunch of lies. Though he went up to Congress two weeks ago, and they complained about it and he said (summarizing), “Okay, okay, I’ll make sure that 75% of your premiums get subsidized.” So why didn’t he tell Congress how wonderful it is two weeks ago instead of offering to help them pay for it?

My point is, if it is so wonderful, if it saves so much money, if it has all of these marvelous benefits, why didn’t he tell Congress that two weeks ago when they were complaining about how much it costs? And why doesn’t Obama go to the unions and tell them what a wonderful thing Obamacare is? And why didn’t Obama meet with the 300 restaurant franchisers who were on Capitol Hill last week and tell them about the glories of Obamacare?



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