Obamacare Software Glitch Providing Wrong Prices

The whole program is one big glitch.
Check it out:

An Obamacare software glitch is now incorrectly tabulating how much people must pay for health insurance, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal.

“There’s a blanket acknowledgment that rates are being calculated incorrectly,” a senior health insurance executive told the WSJ. “Our tech and operations people are very concerned about the problems they’re seeing and the potential of them to stick around.”

Government officials, however, say they are not worried and promised the Obamacare insurance exchanges will be ready to go on October 1. “We continue working with [insurers] and we are confident that on Oct. 1, consumers will see accurate premium costs, including tax credits,” said Medicare spokesperson Brian Cook.

The group responsible for building the calculator application, CGI Group Inc., bagged an $88 million taxpayer-funded government contract, the largest of any contractor, reports the WSJ.



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