Obama Wants ObamaCare Subsidies for Labor Unions

Why should Unions be special?
Check it out:

As union members and their leaders have become increasingly opposed to ObamaCare’s restrictions, the White House is reportedly considering a plan to offer health insurance subsidies–which were originally intended for the uninsured–to labor union members who already have employer-sponsored health insurance plans.

According to InsideHealthPolicy, the White House is working on regulations to address the unions’ concerns about Taft-Hartley plans:

Separately, the Office of Management and Budget previously showed on its regulatory review web site that on Aug. 24 it received a Department of Labor proposed rule on “Health Insurance Premium Assistance Trust Supporting the Purchase of Certain Individual Health Insurance Policies.” The rule, which OMB said is ACA-related, also appears to deal with the exclusion from a definition of an employee welfare benefit plan, but this week the description vanished.



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