Obama is Replacing Oil Price-Stabilizing Dictators with Militant Islamist Dictators

With people just like himself.
Check it out:

I would not reject the possibility here that Bashar Assad’s being framed. By the way, I’ve got no brief for the guy. He’s not a friend of mine and I’m not particularly interested in this guy maintaining power or what have you. But I’ll tell you, it is clear to me what our foreign policy is in the Middle East. It’s just like Jimmy Carter — we got rid of the Shah. He was a dictator but he was a stabilizing dictator. And, by the way, some of you might say, “Rush, what do you mean we’re supporting dictators and all that?” The world’s a dangerous place.

But don’t forget this. The left thinks the world is a dangerous place if the US is a lone superpower. Don’t forget Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state for Clinton. She was out there talking about, it’s great when the Soviet Union was a superpower because it kept us in check. The idea that we’re the good guys is not something that these people believe, leftists, American leftists. They think we’re the problem in the world. So they do not trust the United States as a lone superpower. They like a competing superpower to keep us in check. And we, on the other hand, in order for stability to maintain our interests, like one of our interests in the Middle East is obviously the free flow of oil at market prices. All right, that’s our interest, not the people of the Middle East. It’s not our responsibility.

Iraq, Bush policy tried to change that, but our number one interest in the Middle East is oil, free flow, market prices. So if stable dictators are the best way to maintain the free flow of oil at market prices, that’s what we’ll do, until the left gets in charge. They start talking about they don’t like dictators, which is croc, they love ’em. But they do not think that a policy of free flow of oil at market prices is valid. To them that’s immoral and unjust. Our foreign policy ought to be based on human rights and civil rights and all that nefarious stuff. So they want to get rid of the stabilizing dictators — I’m using this term loosely, and instead ostensibly put people in power that are there the result of a democratic process.



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