Obama Drew Red Line, Defined Red Line, and Explained What Would Happen If Somebody Crossed Red Line

Obama likes to lie and say he didn’t say things, but he seems to forget we all have youtube.
Check it out:

Hey, folks, I have a question: Last August Obama drew the red line. He said if he saw movement of chemical weapons, movement or usage, that would constitute crossing the red line. He wouldn’t put up with that. And he said that would change his calculus. So chemical weapons have been used in Syria, and Obama today in Sweden said he didn’t draw the red line. The international community drew the red line. The world drew the red line.

I have a simple question: We didn’t do it. If we didn’t draw the red line, what the hell are we doing voting on the use of force? Why isn’t that happening at the UN? And don’t give me this “We are the UN” business. This is a serious question because everything Obama is doing is for domestic consumption aimed at low information voters and low information media suppliers. That’s who all of this is aimed at. He didn’t do it. The media will report that he didn’t do it. They will back him up. They will go twisting and turning and pretzel themselves in all kinds of weird contorted positions to say he’s got a point. It’s just what they do.

So he’s positioning himself here as in a no win because of what the Republicans did, because of what the world did. The world has sort of hamstrung him. The world has sort of pinned him in here. He doesn’t have a whole lot of room to move because they drew that stupid line. He didn’t do it. His credibility isn’t on the line. All right. If all that’s true, then what the hell does the US Congress have anything to do with this for? If the world drew the red line and if the world’s credibility is on the line, then why isn’t the UN voting on whether or not to use force? Why is it a matter for the United States?



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