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  • ProudPatr1ot

    How is it legal for him to do this arbitrarily?

    Did you even try to figure out the answer to this question, or are you just interested in keeping your readers ill-informed?

    • colleenf

      It is not legal for obama and minions to give waivers or exemptions to ANYONE. If the law is bad, either eliminate it completely (best idea) or change the thing to correct the problems.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        It is not legal for obama and minions to give waivers or exemptions to ANYONE.

        That’s just not even close to true, and I’d love to know why you think it is.

      • CharlieB48

        Because it is illegal to give waivers to a law; only Congress can do that. Everything BHO has done with respect to changing/waiving provisions is ILLEGAL.

      • ProudPatr1ot

        Because it is illegal to give waivers to a law; only Congress can do that.

        Again, that’s not even close to true. Most states have a No Child Left Behind waiver, prospective immigrants can apply for a wide variety of visa waivers, and I can cite more examples if you’d like.

      • CharlieB48

        You have it confused…it isn’t the same thing…another uneducated voter strikes again. This is granting selected people immunity from a law…the chief executive cannot do that…hopefully the Supreme Court will finally decide to trash this piece of junk

      • ProudPatr1ot

        What isn’t the same thing? The states didn’t get their waivers through acts of Congress.

        The Supreme Court already has decided on the PPACA, if you hadn’t heard.

  • colleenf

    This thing being a train wreck in the making is BEYOND the actual description it is becoming.
    These are the MOST incompetent, corrupt, thuggish, and lying administration in the history of our country!
    May God help us rid our great nation of these evil people!

    • 83footsailor

      !st of all – you need to get rid of these ** LOW INFORMATION VOTERS ** educated as to what these LIBERAL LEFT WING SOCIALISTS COMMIES are really doing to this great country of ours. Then and only then – can you make some informed decision as to what is really needed in our great country. JOHN Q. PUBLIC is fed up to the gills with these LIBERALS.

      • azwayne

        Just give us an HONEST election system, it is worse than a sick joke.

    • quarkie009

      I remember when Obama said that his administration would be the most transparent in history.
      Well, his administration is the most corrupt and scandal ridden one that America ever had.
      Remember that Hillary has not come clean on the Benghazi coverup and she wants to become the first woman president, which would be a nightmare and a redo of Obama the tyrant.

      • stonemike

        Even tho these “interlopers” govern in extreme secrecy and with open hatred for our Constitution, they are truly “the most transparent govt “in history! It is glaringly apparent the “militant progressives” intend to destroy both “capitalism” and the US Constitution!

      • Amfer Ferg

        One more uplifting article yesterday, “Bill Clinton to join obama in ‘selling’ obamacare to the public because old Bill can ‘really sell'”. This is great news! Old Hillary will have a snowball’s chance in h3ll to run for president – 80% of Americans DON’T want obamacare….this will reflect on her run for president (should she even pass the nomination point) :)

    • stonemike

      The American economy is “grinding to a socialism inspired HALT! socialism is being forced on Americans, when will we resist with whatever force it takes to remain free? The more foreigners being imported to be purchased as “leftist voters”, the more violence it will take to reclaim our Republic!

  • 83footsailor

    Why don’t these ** STUPID are as STUPID does ** DEMOCRATS along with the LEAD EMOCRAT just flat out dump the whole plan????????????????
    Simple – it would make OBONOZ – the magnificent one – look like a real CHUMP IDIOT – that is just what he really is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • quarkie009

    Since Obama has delayed a number of provisions already, why not delay the individual mandate as well???? It has proven that Obamacare is a piece of trash that is not worth keeping around another
    second. It was wrong to pass it in the first place and it is still wrong to keep any longer. Only idiots will try to keep it and make life miserable for all Americans.

  • Brenda

    Since obama has consistently changed “The Law of the Land” is it still a law? From everything I have read, that function belongs to congress. Maybe, before he realizes what he is doing, he will alter it right of existance favoring all his supporters and their causes.

  • Hotnike

    Come on Congress, grow some balls. Obama does not have the authority to change laws that are on the books. This isn’t the first time. Impeach or arrest the SOB for treason,

    • joepotato

      His blatant disregard for laws (even bad ones) should render him impeachable… If only…

  • joepotato

    The Indonesian Marxist Muslim speaks with forked tongue… No surprise there… O must GO!

  • stonemike

    Obammi thinks of himself as a “Limtless Dictator” and unfortunately the naive”droppings” of what were once ” free people” seem to agree! I OWE NO ALLEGIANCE TO OUR UNAMERICAN FEDERAL GOVT! Violence is coming against our OUT OF CONTROL GOVT!

  • patriotforrevo

    “In speech defending his health care law, President Obama claims ‘there’s no widespread evidence’ that ObamaCare is hurting jobs, despite reports of employers cutting back hours.”

    REALLY, why the delay then? You have to READ it first, Oblubber?

  • David

    To me it seems that the socialists are letting this happen so that in time it will be so stripped apart then they wil just say “well we want it to be a single payer European style health care anyways….so this is what it will be”. This is their END GAME.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Dictators can do as they Please, he has his own private Army in the DHS.

  • Yoikes

    Obamacare SUCKS!
    Get rid of Obamacare!
    Obama SUCKS!
    Get rid of Obama!
    Repeat as needed (forever).

  • b glad

    Every time anyone stands to oppose Obama in any way the RACE card gets thrown on the table and that scares the Republicans more than a government shutdown, and as we have seen, that gets them shaking in their booties. Since that is the case, lets impeach the white half of Obama.