Obama Claims Credit for Robust Recovery

In Obama’s mind the success is in that more people are dependent on government.
Check it out:

Now, today, ladies and gentlemen, “President Barack Obama is seeking credit for an economic turnaround, using the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the Lehman Brothers investment bank to highlight signs of recovery and to warn against potentially market-rattling fights over the federal budget and the nation’s debt ceiling.” That’s right, you heard me. “Obama was scheduled to address the state of the economy Monday in a Rose Garden speech…”

Now, I don’t know if this is still on, what with the naval yard shooting. But the original plan (and it may still be in place) was a state of the economy speech in the Rose Garden to talk about how great it is, how wonderful it is, this massive recovery. Folks, in five years, we’re gonna talk about how great Obama has recovered this economy. He will be “accompanied by a selection of Americans who the White House says have benefited from the administration’s policies.

“The event marks the start of a week-long focus on the economy after a month of preoccupation with the crisis in Syria.” So they’re just making stuff up now. What in the world are they taking credit for? The only place where there’s anything to crow about economically is Washington, DC, and the areas of the country where there is fracking for oil going on — and a couple of other pockets. But there are 90 million Americans not working. The labor force participation rate has plummeted.

Unemployment? If the same number of jobs existed today as when Obama took office five years ago, the unemployment rate would be near 11%. There is no economic recovery. Try this. “Over 65,000 US Bridges in Need of Repair.” Again, the AP reporting.

“An Associated Press analysis of 607,380 bridges … showed that 65,605 were classified as ‘structurally deficient’ and 20,808 as ‘fracture critical.'” Of the 65,000 structurally deficient and 20,000 fracture critical, almost 8,000 were both. Now, I read that, and I said, “Well, now that’s impossible, because we did a stimulus. We had the now-famous stimulus bill in March of 2009, two months after Obama was inaugurated, that dealt with this. We rebuilt all the roads and bridges.”



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