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  • patriotusa2

    I said the same thing myself, and so did other posters. He’s passed the buck to congress! It’s all about him, nothing more than that. If he’s voted down, I’ll be very surprised if he goes it alone, because then he would have to take full responsibility for anything that came down, and I don’t think he’s man enough.

    • jebor

      Nailed it !

  • maryatlanta

    Obama – The Great Divider! Some Dems don’t want Syrian action/ Some Republicans do – some don’t. No international coalition. No UN resolution. Sequester / defunding the US military. Perhaps this is divide and conquer?

  • jim_shipley

    He also can’t win because Attacking Syria is aiding Al-qaeda’s fight against Al-Assad. Al-qaeda is our enemy, and aiding our enemies is treason, so he would be guilty of treason for helping Al-qaeda.

  • joepotato

    The fix is in with congress… What else is new?

  • armyvet706

    This guy is insane! Everything he does is insane! This guy lacks morality it’s unlike anything I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Who the heck is this lunatic in our White House, and why is he still there? Are you people serious? Why are we even debating this Syria debacle? Just the mere fact that there are so many unanswered questions, should be reason enough to say “Hell No” to war! Are you people serious? Can’t you idiots see what Obama is doing, using his power and the White House for his dangerous games? Are you people serious?? Blah, blah, blah. Shut up with the stupid debates. NO IS NO!

  • jong

    I firmly believe that it will not pass the House. And guess what it will be bipartisan vote that throws it out the window. Boehner will be next out that very same window.


    No matter which way the vote goes, no matter what he does, the left will spin it to look like he took the high road. And the sad part is…. most of the country will believe it thank’s to the drive by media.

  • Chiron_Venizelos

    It grieves me to say it; it really does, but I can no longer deny that Mr. 0bama truly is doing his best to destroy the United States.
    Examining his actions over the past five years, his intent becomes obvious; he has undermined US industry, doubled the welfare class, wrecked the economy with skyrocketing debt, gotten the US involved in one military action after the next, deployed policies that undermine our standing in the world community, played crony capitalism, used various agencies of the Federal government to persecute his enemies, divided this country along racial lines to the point where we read about black-on-white hate crimes every week, and changed the mindset of the parasite class to where they will revolt if they are told they will have to start fending for themselves.
    How I had hoped I would be wrong! I had hoped our first black president would not be someone who had been indoctrinated from his infancy to HATE the USA. When I saw after his first two years in office that he was NOT what this country needed to heal its racial difficulties of the past, I prayed that enough people would understand the damage he is doing to our country, and vote him out of office. I over-estimated the perspicacity of the voter.
    However, I’m still praying for Mr. 0bama, I’m praying for his safety and I’m praying that God will show us the faces of our enemies – both foreign and domestic – among which would include the face of Mr. 0bama!

    • captdot

      Well said. A succinct review of the past 4+ years, ideological bases and hope lost.

    • SeaShel

      I too am sorry, but I didn’t vote for him because I knew NOTHING about him – NOTHING!! Now I agree with every issued you commented about and there are a myriad of others, ie. Benghazi, IRS, NRS, AP debacle, ad infinitum, but there are those who will support him only because he is “black” or a democrat and watch this nation collapse around us as it is rapidly doing. Thanks for your comments.

  • SeaShel

    Obama wants Congress to be involved and either way they vote he will BLAME them for the outcome because there is really no reason we should support either side – they’re MUSLIM! and they murdered people on our sovereign ground. My heart aches for the children who died from the chemicals that were used in Syria and that could be used here if we support either side. Let Saudi Arabia get an army together and protect their precious oil fields. Our young men died in their defense against Iraq’s invasion, but do they EVER give AMERICA ANYTHING except terrorist? The only country in the middle east we should EVER defend is ISREAL!