Maybe this is Obama’s real goal with the Syria distraction.
Check it out:

President Barack Obama’s decision to punt a possible strike against Syria to Congress has reshuffled the congressional calculus on Washington’s looming debt-ceiling debate and made Republican concessions more likely, say GOP congressional aides.

A House Republican aide told Reuters that Obama’s Syrian maneuver “would make it a lot harder to vote against a debt-ceiling increase given that we’re the party that tends to be more hard-line security and military supporters in the Reagan tradition.”

By forcing congress to debate and weigh in on a possible strike on Syria, Obama has increased the likelihood that congress will pass a short-term stop-gap funding measure, say analysts.

“Syria has really scrambled an incredibly crowded calendar,” says Guggenheim Securities political analyst Chris Krueger. “I think you have to say that the chance of a short-term extension has increased.”

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