Obama Advisor: Republicans are Suicide Bombers

How do they always get away with the double standard? He’ll probably get an award for this.
Check it out:

So this Dan Pfeiffer guy, he’s in charge of White House communications, senior adviser to the president for strategery and communications, he says the Republicans are running around with a bomb in their vests and they want to blow up the economy, defund Obamacare and government shutdown and all that kind of stuff. Don’t forget, back in 2006 Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Pelosi, the rest of the Democrat Party, demanded that we defund our troops or they would vote against raising the debt ceiling.

Do you remember this? And Obama and Pfeiffer were asked about this. Well, wait a minute, now. How come, you know, Obama said it was purely political. He was against raising the debt limit, funding the troops and all that, and they said, “Well, that wasn’t political like the Republicans are doing now.” But these guys — Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid — they all threatened, demanded, that they wanted Bush to lose. They wanted America to lose the Iraq war. They threatened to defund the military operation in Iraq or they’d vote against the debt ceiling, raising it.



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